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Four checks for super downsizer contributions

by Julie Steed The downsizer contributions legislation will allow an individual aged 65 years or over to use the proceeds of the sale of one main residence to make contributions of up to $300,000 to superannuation for themselves and/or their spouse. The legislation became law in December 2017 and is designed to reduce pressure on…

Women’s super needs protection of reversionary benefits

By David Bell And Estelle Liu International Women’s Day and the focus on equality in superannuation outcomes continues to gain momentum. Congratulations to all involved, notably Women in Super. The progress emphasises this is no time to take a step back on women’s rights to retirement savings. According to the Women in Super website, women…

Flexibility around the date of your retirement

By Neil Rogan (on behalf of Cuffelinks) Most people would love to choose when they retire, preferably before they are too old to enjoy it. At the same time, because people are living longer, they need to be realistic about how long they are likely to be in retirement and how much money they will…

The gift of education and the cost of funding it

By Neil Rogan (on behalf of Cuffelinks) Benjamin Franklin said that “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, but given the rates of interest on offer at the moment and the spiralling costs of education, saving enough to fund your kids’ or grandkids’ education can be a real challenge. Wouldn’t it be great to…

Check pension outcomes when making a will

By Noel Whittaker, Cuffelinks People’s attitudes to money are amazing. They’ll spend most of their lives working for it, worrying about it and fighting over it, yet many won’t give more than a passing thought to what will happen to it when they die. Nearly 50% of people die without a will, and most of…

How super changes impact insurance and estate planning

By Julie Steed, Senior Technical Services Manager, Australian Executor Trustees  (on behalf of Cuffelinks) The introduction of the $1.6 million transfer balance cap, effective from July 1 this year, will impact the estate plans of many superannuation members. This article reviews the role of insurance as part of an SMSF’s investment strategy and the changes that people may…

Quarterly Market Update, Q4 2016

Alex Hone provides a brief overview of investment markets following the final quarter of 2016.

Half Yearly Investment Update

As we commence 2017, we have prepared an overview of our thoughts regarding the current state of global investment markets.

Quarterly market update 2016

Alex Hone provides an update on markets including how we have responded to current market conditions and explains the positioning of our portfolios.  

End of reporting season investment update

Tony Edwards, Senior Portfolio Manager, shares his views on the recent reporting season.


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