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The value of disruptors is different

by Alex Pollak October 2018 Contrary to commentary found in Cuffelinks recently, investors are not naive when they buy shares in ‘expensive’ major global businesses that are using the latest tools to win customers. Those investors have chosen these companies, which now fall into the category of disruptors, because they have outgrown and are continuing…

The importance of estate planning – are your affairs in order?

By Colin Lewis, Head of Technical Services, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth October 2018 Estate planning is much more than having a will. Unfortunately, many Australians don’t even have this! Simply, estate planning involves planning for both what happens to your assets and affairs after you die and who takes charge of your affairs in the event…

Is this your biggest retirement worry?

  By Ben Hocking, on behalf of Cuffelinks September 2018 Are you ready for retirement? Are you confident your money will last? Over the past 18 years, retirement website YourLifeChoices has surveyed its membership on all aspects of retirement and retirement affordability. Many things have changed in that time, but the one constant is the…

Five financial stages in everyone’s life

By Don Ezra, on behalf of Cuffelinks August 2018 We go through stages in our lives. Sometimes it’s useful to look at how our psychology changes as we move from one stage to another. This article describes five financial stages, looking at minimum, successful and exceptional standards. I don’t have numerical benchmarks for you. Individual circumstances…

2018 Fiscal Year Update

August 2018 Senior Portfolio Manager, Tony Edwards, provides a fiscal year update.

Investors can’t afford to ignore the blockchain revolution

By Don Tapscott, on behalf of Cuffelinks June 2018 Blockchain has the power to change the nature of corporations. It is critical that every investor understands this new technology and its implications. For the first time in history, assets can be transferred peer-to-peer without an intermediary, using an internet of value. The potential of the…

Planning for 2018-19 – never too early to start!

By Colin Lewis, Head of Technical Services, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth June 2018 With the end of the financial year all but over, now is a good time to get your ’financial house’ sorted for 2018-19. Good planning is a year-round consideration, not just a June 30 event! So, what’s in store for 2018-19? What are…

Managing your SMSF leading up to 30 June

By Colin Lewis May 2018 A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is one type of vehicle to manage your superannuation savings. So, the usual end-of-year super strategies, especially those relating to contributions and managing the contribution caps, apply equally across the spectrum of funds, e.g. public offer (retail) funds, industry funds, corporate funds, SMSFs etc. In…

Managing your tax and super leading up to 30 June

By Colin Lewis May 2018 With the end of the financial year fast approaching, it’s time to get your ‘financial house’ in order. There will be many ‘behind the scene’ strategies your adviser will be considering for you, but here are some of the more common year-end strategies they will be looking at. COMMON YEAR-END…

Prospect theory applied to retirement planning

By Alastair MacLeod May 2018 Most of us know that buying a lottery ticket is a waste of money. The chances of winning are so remote as to be unachievable, yet most of us have probably bought a lottery ticket at some point in our lives. Prospect theory can explain this behaviour. Prospect theory is…


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