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The focus of our business is to achieve our clients’ personal and financial goals – but achieving clients’ family goals is our passion.

Complex family asset structures require constant monitoring and management to attain family goals. This process is often difficult for clients to manage because of the knowledge and time required to produce the best possible outcomes.

Many advisers in the financial services industry specialise in certain areas, but not in every discipline required for a complete client solution. While they enlist other professionals to manage differing asset segments, this can lead to a dysfunctional and sometimes costly structure for clients.

Our Family Board structure accommodates large and complex assets, and manages assets in line with clients’ goals and families’ aspirations. We can control the administration of your assets, and manage relationships with your lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers, insurance advisers and other necessary professionals.

As the Administrator of your Family Board, we ensure you receive regular and consistent reports on your asset performance. We also provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family assets are optimally structured for the best performance.

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